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Pediatric Dentistry Jacksonville FL

We specialize in dental services for kids and teens. Dental cleanings, sealants, fillings, and orthodontics.

Teeth cleaning is part of oral hygiene and involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth (dental caries).

Tooth color fillings that will look natural after being restored.

Orthodontics for Kids and Teens. We use modern techniques and appliances to create a perfect smile.

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Our Services

• Early Infant Oral Care
• Preventive Care
– Braces
– Orthodontics
– Dental Cleaning
– Flouride Application
– Dental Sealants
• Restorative Care
– Dental Fillings
– Dental Crowns
• Sports/Night Guard
• Emergency Care

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 Dentists for Kids Jacksonville FLPediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. They have the experience and qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout the various stages of childhood. Children are not just small adults. They are not always able to be patient and cooperative during a dental exam. Pediatric dentists know how to examine and treat children.

Pediatric Dentist in Jacksonville FLDental Exam

Oral surgery deals with the treatment and ongoing management of irregularities and pathology of the jaw and mouth that require surgical intervention.Surgically removing teeth is the most common procedure that oral surgeons perform, but oral surgery as a specialty has a broad scope. This includes managing hard and soft tissue pathology, oral infections, dentoalveolar trauma and oro-facial pain.

Dental Braces Jacksonville FLOrthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the growth of the face, the development of teeth and jaws and the correction and prevention of abnormalities.

Pediatric Dentist in Jacksonville, FL

Every child deserves to have a positive experience with their visits to the dentist. Constructive and compassionate interaction with a dentist early in a child’s life can promote a lifetime of good oral health. At Orthodontics and Dentistry for Kids, we provide an understanding interpersonal approach to comprehensive dental care. We also allow parents to take an active role in the child’s appointments.

Our resolution is to create a positive outlook about oral health for all of our patients, beginning as early as infancy. We have been practicing pediatric dentistry for more than 30 years. From remaining cavity-free throughout life to a properly aligned bite, you can count on us to be your family’s pediatric dentist in Jacksonville, FL. Let us be your partner in encouraging your child to have a lifetime of excellent dental health habits.

Some offices try to remove a parent from the dynamic of a child’s dental appointment, but we think having parental involvement is crucial to allowing the child to feel secure and become comfortable in the office environment. Creating an inviting atmosphere is part of our job, and being family friendly is our first step to meeting that goal. Your little one will always be our top priority.

Our Services: 

Early Infant Oral Care
• Preventive Care
Dental Cleaning
Flouride Application
Dental Sealants
• Restorative Care
Dental Fillings
Dental Crowns
Sports/Night Guard
• Emergency Care

Kid-Friendly Pediatric Dentistry Experience

Our location has many dynamic features meant to encourage creativity and fun – even at the dentist’s office. As a pediatric dentist, our office and staff are geared to optimizing a child’s experience.  We take the time to ease children into their dental visits and interact with them in a way that builds their confidence and emboldens their natural curiosity.

Our office floor plan is set up to be more inviting and less sterile than a typical office set up. Our colors are geared toward facilitating relaxation. We have TVs showing age-appropriate and fun television shows your child will probably recognize. Everything about our décor is carefully geared toward making the office of our dentist for kids a fun and inviting place for your child. Patients and their families are always at the center of our pediatric dentistry practice.

We Are a Careful & Compassionate Baby Dentist Team

Even before the age of one year, many patients come for their child’s first visit to the dentist. Why do we recommend early visits to our office? We want to familiarize you with how to care for your child’s teeth, even in infancy. Cavities at this age are actually a predictor of how many a child may have in the future. We can assess your baby’s bite pattern development, and help you plan oral care habits which will facilitate his or her best dental health in the future.

Life happens, and sometimes so do accidents. Children in particular can meet with destructive results as they explore the world around them. In the interest of providing all our patients need, we also offer parents and infants with the expertise of our baby dentist team in the case of emergencies. If your child has an accident leading to a damaged tooth or bloody mouth, and does not require immediate medical care from a physician, our qualified pediatric dentist can assess the damage and recommend the best treatment plan. It will always give you peace of mind to know your child’s teeth are being looked after by a professional.

Experience the Difference of Visiting a Dentist for Kids

It’s a big deal to hear Mom or Dad announce that it’s time to see a dentist. For kids, it can be a very stressful experience, particularly if previous visits have been to offices with a less than inviting atmosphere. We are dedicated to making your youngster feel comfortable, and that means encouraging them to ask questions and enjoy receiving enthusiastic and educational answers.

We believe in establishing an open and communicative relationship with our young patients. This encourages them to ask questions and explore the world of dental health with their own natural curiosity at the helm. When a child is able to understand a new process, and even get excited about learning, they will move past discomfort or fear and become more able to relax. They may even come to enjoy their visits when they know it will provide them with an opportunity to engage their oral health in a new and exciting conversation.

What You Should Expect from Your Children’s Dentist

Few things can be as intimidating for a child going to the dentist as getting an x-ray. We understand, and go to great lengths to facilitate your child’s comfort. We offer cutting-edge, 3-D X-ray technology that makes the results easier for you to visualize, and also create a comprehensive profile for our dentist to use as a basis for treatment.

Our inviting floor design, caring children’s dentist, and specialized pediatric care all speak to our dedication to our work. We are always accepting new patients, and we serve patients with all types of insurance. You can give your child a positive experience with the dentist that will help them enjoy great dental health for life. And in the case of an emergency, as a patient you enjoy the convenience of already being established at our practice. This will reduce the stress of a traumatic situation and give you and your child both peace of mind sooner.

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