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The answer is probably! We accept most insurances. But, did you know that almost any dentist that “takes” your insurance will cos you the same amount of money? So, why not chose the very best practice you can find that helps you and your little ones feel comfortable.

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. Dentists and other healthcare professionals simply fill out forms and sign a contract stating that they will accept a certain fee for each service performed. For example a doctor may say a procedure costs $150, but the insurance company says it’s going to pay $100 for it. Dentists and other healthcare professionals who are PPOs or “in-network” accept this discounted fee in exchange for being listed as a PPO for that insurance company. It’s great for patients because it helps to keep costs low. It’s great for doctors because they get an opportunity to see new patients!

Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about treatments you don’t understand, your dentist is a skilled professional who has explained this procedure many times before. At Orthodontics and Dentistry for Kids, we are sure to take to explain procedures to parents and patients alike.

Sometimes employers change insurance providers or insurance plans without notice. While employers usually will keep the same level of coverage, it is important you ask your employer about any changes to your plan. When your insurance changes, just let our office know and bring in/fill out appropriate paperwork next time you come in.

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