5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Dental Hygiene

Children aren’t exempt from tooth decay and cavities. Around 20 percent of kids already have cavities or show signs of tooth decay.

So, how can you teach your kids about dental hygiene? By making it a fun and exciting daily ritual. Keep reading this post for tips on how to make oral health something to look forward to for your kids.

Dental Care in Jacksonville FLMaking Dental Hygiene Fun

When learning new skills, it’s proven that children learn best through play. Making dental hygiene for kids more fun will help them remember.

First Grown-Up Toothbrush

Little kids love to feel special. They enjoy picking out something that is “just for them.”

Letting them choose their own toothbrush is a great way to start. By making a big deal out of allowing them to pick out their first grown-up brush, you put them in control. Not only do they feel like a big kid, but it also establishes a sense of responsibility.

Buying character toothpaste for kids is also a good way to get them excited about the process. Get something with the face of their favorite character or a flavor they enjoy. Make sure it’s a healthy formula for their little teeth.

Include Them

Whether we realize it or not, kids are watching. They’re learning and establishing habits by watching yours.

Help them establish a healthy habit by brushing your teeth together. Show them what to do, then let them take the reigns. When you’re faithful about brushing your teeth, they’re taking notes.

Not only are they learning from you, but they also get to spend extra time with you before bedtime.

Books That Promote Oral Health for Kids

When you buy new books for your kids, try looking for something that promotes healthy oral habits.

Reading is an excellent way for kids to absorb information. If they have a cute book that teaches them about it in a fun way, they’re sure to remember.

Give Them Stickers

When you’re teaching your child something new, sometimes it’s good to have visual aids.

Buy stickers as an incentive. You can give them one every time they remember to brush their teeth without you having to remind them. Or, you can use the reward system. Every time they get a sticker, put it in on a poster. When they’ve accumulated five or more stickers in a row, they get a toy.

Arts and Crafts

If you have a child that enjoys craft time, try giving them some ideas.

Teaching dental hygiene to children is about repetition. The more they focus on a topic, the more likely they are to remember. So, have them paint you a picture about brushing their teeth. Or you can do some decoupage activities that center around healthy teeth.

More about Children’s Dentistry

The earlier children learn about dental hygiene, the better. Also, the earlier you get them in for dental cleanings, the less likely they are to be afraid. A dentist visit will help you teach them all about dental best practices.

Contact us for more information about our services. We’re friendly, and dedicated to keeping kids’ teeth free of cavities and decay.